Josh Johnz

Josh Johnz is a Minneapolis based emcee originally from the group Empire Fleet, and now front man for the group Shadow People. In high school he started as a solo artists, recording over whatever instrumentals he could find, and battling in the hallways. After getting a couple pieces of gear, and help recording from Empire founder Buc Raw, The Labyrinth was made. Released the end of 2003, and Johnz only 20 years old, The Labyrinth was a fan favorite, with guest spots from, Out of Bounds, Broken English, Hyentyte and Empire affiliates...but lacked sound quality.

Using profits from the album, he continued to build his studio and improve quality, recording a number of tracks in the attic of his house that eventually turned into "The Bootleg". Never officially released, The Bootleg was duplicated in his house and handed out for free at shows as more of a mixtape. Continuing to do shows regularly, and gaining respect from fans and other artists, Johnz knew he had to make another album, with higher standards this time. Having worked closely with Out of Bounds over the years, and making a number a "fan favorite" songs together, it was decided to do a full album, with the techno/hip hop duo handling the production. Appropriately titled "Life Happens", Johnz hits on an array of personal issues and set backs, staying true to why his fans love him and why he considers music to be "medicinal". The "Life Happens EP" is scheduled to release in Nov '09, and the full album in mid '10...stay tuned.


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Live At Ulricehamn, (1 of ??) Live At Ulricehamn, (1 of ??)


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