Reiter and Schiller Office Building

Jurisdiction And Facilities

Reiter & Schiller represents clients in all of the 87 Minnesota state district courts as well as the United States District Court for Minnesota and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. The firm has two offices, both located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The office is networked with both the lenders and outsourced servicers to ensure accuracy and efficiency in accounting; billing and case management.

Reiter & Schiller, P.A. is a Minnesota law firm that specializes in legal services for mortgage lenders including, but not limited to, mortgage foreclosure proceedings; bankruptcies; evictions; REO closings and litigation. The law firm was founded in 1983 and has successfully handled thousands of both judicial and non-judicial mortgage foreclosures throughout the State of Minnesota. Reiter & Schiller, in tandem with our clients, has high-quality internal processes and software that support and create opportunities that result in timely and effective foreclosure processes. The firm has a reputation for providing quick; efficient and competent services in a cost effective manner.

The Reiter & Schiller attorneys have the knowledge; expertise and experience to successfully represent mortgage lenders in all aspects of the foreclosure process as well as related federal and state court litigation. The firm’s paralegal staff has the requisite training and experience to competently process mortgage foreclosure services as well as related areas such as proceedings subsequent; bankruptcy relief motions, objections and proof of claims; title claims; evictions; deeds in lieu of foreclosure; title policies and REO closings.