Firm Philosophy

In order to meet the needs of its clients during the recent increase in foreclosures, Reiter & Schiller has retained experienced attorneys and staff in an effort to maintain the same excellent legal services that have always been provided. The firm has a solid history of growth and the ability to manage the growth without sacrificing standards. All foreclosure files are handled by a team consisting of an attorney, paralegal and support staff. Each department at the firm contains experienced paralegals directly supervised by an attorney. The attorney supervises all aspects of the case/proceeding and remains responsible for the final work product.

Reiter & Schiller strives to create a multi-cultural firm with both its attorneys and paralegals. Most importantly, the small firm atmosphere fosters a feeling of pride and achievement. The firm’s goal is to respond quickly and efficiently to all client needs in a professional and competent manner. Reiter & Schiller acknowledge the urgent, short response time necessary to mobilize and complete referred mortgage foreclosures for our clients. The firm prides itself on efficiently processing cases for the client while still retaining high standards.